Competitive Advantage

Fast moving pace in the market has led to many potential clients looking for products and services which are time and cost-efficient. Traditional methods of business which requires long-waiting time for the product to be ready will soon be phased-out of the market.

Prosmier Construction made a positioning itself as a One-stop contractor who is able to import the steel and assemble the products according to the clients' needs in a short period of time when compared to its competitors. By doing so, Prosmier Construction is able to differentiate and outshine itself from the rest.

For that reason, it can be concluded that Prosmier Construction has no direct-competitors in this industry at the moment.

Being a One-stop contractor for industrial construction developments, the following competitive advantages stand as critical factors for the company.

  • Lower Custom Tax Duty of 5% levied on steel when compared with its competitors who offers a higher levy of as high as 30% on the steel imported. Possibly attributable to the competitors' affiliate steel companies' geographical location.
  • Prosmier Construction is able to supply abundant stock for up to 3 months due to the faster cycle-time of Zamil Steel's PEBs.
  • Zamil Steel's PEB only requires assembling after imported into Malaysia therefore products can be ready for use in about 10 weeks' time. This is one of the unique features of Prosmier Construction by providing reliable and advance technology similar to those used in America. At the moment, this is the fastest and most efficient solution in the market.
  • Prosmier Construction offers not only skills in construction but also supplies tailored-made steel structures for the clients at cost-effective and time-saving manner. This service enables its clients to minimize wastage of the steel due to its design, low maintenance cost, and ease of future expansion. With all these outstanding qualities, thereby, reducing the overall cost.
  • Zamil Steel - C Vietnam's neighbouring region geographical location is an added advantage as materials or technical support will be readily available.

With the above factors, Prosmier Construction is poised to offer competitive and better products in their aggressive inroad within the Malaysian market, and places itself at a better spot in the market than its opponents.